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9 Tips to Choose the Proper Running Shoe

9 Tips to Choose the Proper Running Shoe


Finding the proper running shoe is not as easy as ordering a shoe from an online source. The most important issue is that the shoe fits the way it is designed to, and that you get the support and cushion that your body needs. Running causes a lot of shock and impact to the body that can have an adverse effect if the appropriate footwear is not worn.


Some things to consider when purchasing running shoes:


  • When shopping for running shoes, be sure not to go first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, the feet will tend to swell. You will get the best fit if you try on shoes after 4pm, when the feet usually stop swelling.


  • Test the shoe for flexibility by bending the toe towards the heel. If there is a lot of resistance, if the shoe doesn’t bend easily, or if it bends unevenly then avoid buying that shoe. It will eventually cause foot injury such as calf strain or plantar


  • Try on both shoes and take a little jog around the store. Some athletic shoe stores have treadmills that you can use to try out the shoes for comfort. Pay attention to the feeling of support around the arch of your foot. If it doesn’t feel supported, then choose another shoe.


  • Make sure that the shoe isn’t too tight. It should not feel uncomfortable. Try lacing the shoe in a different way or loosening the shoestrings to see if that will relieve the discomfort.

  • Leave a quarter of an inch across the widest part of the shoe for “wiggle room”. Your foot should be able to slightly move, but not feel like the shoe is loose.


  • The heel should be able to move slightly, but not be loose. If the shoe moves and rubs on the skin too much while you are trying on shoes at the store, they will feel even worse while you are running long distances.


  • Leave a thumb width distance from the longest part of your toes to the end of the shoe. This is not always the big toe, so be sure you measure correctly. While running, the feet will lengthen and tend to swell. Leaving the extra room at the end of the shoe will keep your feet comfortable.


  • Keep in mind that not all brands run the same sizes. You may find a pair of shoes in one size in a certain brand, and you may find that you fit into a different size in another brand. Don’t go by the numbers, go by the feel of the shoes on your feet.


  • Don’t let the name brand or the popular color influence your choice. Just because a shoe has your favorite brand name stamped on it, doesn’t mean that it is the best fit for your foot. In the long run, comfort and support are the main priority in your choice. There are many styles and colors available today. You should have no problem finding the perfect pair to suit your needs and your fashion preference.


*About the Author :

Lora C Mercado is a freelance writer and author of numerous cookbooks and books on other topics.

About Lora Mercado

Lora C Mercado is a freelance writer and author of numerous cookbooks and books on other topics such as grief healing and poetry.

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