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About Us

Calling all hopeful health nuts. We hope you find FitterUs.Com as addictive as we do! Right at your fingertips, browse articles on healthy weight loss tips, recipes, and up-to-date techniques on fitness trends.

Our user-friendly, content-rich website is an educational resource for individuals seeking information on healthy living. Our site is designed to allow customers to easily browse and purchase products through keyword and category search, while offering outstanding value and exceptional service.


Please note that we do not promote any specific product, brand or author. Although we do provide a list of great weightloss, nutrition, healthy diet and exercise programs for you and fitterus.com may get commissions when someone joins some of these programs. But we do not endorse any specific weightloss/nutrition program or product. We strongly believe in customers making informed decision and discussing their health options with primary physician and checking other sources before starting on any diet product or program.

We highly encourage our customers and visitors to make informed decisions regarding the weightloss programs they follow and the products they use (please visit our disclaimer page and helpful links section in the footer).