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Trim Your Waist After Childbirth

lose weight after childbirth

Trim Your Waist After Childbirth Every new mom wants to have her pre-pregnancy figure again. Being pregnant will do a number on your waist size. With these simple tricks, you will be able to show off a tiny midsection in no time! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The vitamins …

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Yoga Clothing Tips

Yoga poses will put the body in some pretty interesting positions. To be able to focus on your breathing and being in the moment while doing yoga, the last thing you want to worry about it what you are wearing. Below are some tips to help you get the most …

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How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

fitness during pregnancy

Gaining weight is a natural part of being pregnant. Extra calories are needed to fuel your body, and  to give nutrients to the baby you are carrying. Implement these simple strategies to help you stay on track in gaining the required amount, while staying healthy at the same time: Avoid …

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