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fitness during pregnancy

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

fitness during pregnancy

Gaining weight is a natural part of being pregnant. Extra calories are needed to fuel your body, and  to give nutrients to the baby you are carrying. Implement these simple strategies to help you stay on track in gaining the required amount, while staying healthy at the same time:

Avoid “Dieting” While Pregnant

Always consult with your physician before choosing any changes in your diet. Your doctor will have insight to what is the best plan for your individual body type and will take any health issues into consideration.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

During pregnancy, your body has additional nutritional needs that can be fulfilled by taking prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins that are taken along with food are the most preferred. The body will absorb the nutrients better if taken with food. You will also have less chance of feeling nausea from the vitamins, as some women do if taken with a meal or a snack.

Eat Healthy Foods

Avoid consuming food that are high in saturated fat and/or sugar, fried foods, rich dairy products, fatty cuts of meat and soft drinks. Foods with empty calories do not provide any nutrients to the body. Focus on eating lean meats such as chicken, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from caffeine and drink plenty of water.

Know Your Caloric Requirements

Pregnant women within the healthy weight range require and extra 300 calories per day during the second and third trimester. The daily intake should be 1900-2500 total calories. Be sure to check with your doctor to see what your individual requirements are.

Eat Small Meals

A simple way to manage your weight while pregnant is to eat multiple small meals throughout the day. By breaking down your regular three meals into smaller portions, five or six times a day, you will feel fuller, be less likely to make unhealthy snack choices, and your digestion will be easier.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Carry healthy foods with you during the day, to avoid bad choices. Cut up a variety of fruits and vegetables to have on hand. Almonds are also a great protein and crunchy snack that is easily portable for when you are on the go.

Light Exercise

Before doing any exercise, consult your doctor. He may suggest walking or swimming. It is important to have physical activity while pregnant, but never do anything where you have a risk of falling or getting hit.

Talk to Your Doctor

The most important thing you can do is communicate with your doctor about all of your dietary and physical needs and questions. Never diet or exercise without prior approval from your physician.

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