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hypnosis weight loss

Hypnosis weight loss

hypnosis weight lossIf you have tried many methods of losing weight and failed, you may think of considering hypnosis as a way of helping you shed extra pounds and obtaining a svelte figure. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages associated with hypnotherapy as a weight loss measure can help you make a well-informed decision that will be right for you personally.



Developing a healthy lifestyle

Hypnotherapy is used to help individuals who want to lose weight adopt a healthier lifestyle. This involves gaining an urge to exchange unhealthy food for a better balanced diet, and enthusiasm to exercise. Using hypnosis as a weight loss method may result in you not only becoming slimmer, but also becoming healthier at the same time.


Gain a sense of control

Hypnotherapy is an empowering treatment that can help dieters establish a sense of control over their eating habits and lifestyle. Those who have suffered frequent binging bouts, and agonized over yearning to eat food that is bad for them when they know they should not, can at last be free from constant temptation.


A positive alternative method to dieting

People who hate diets, and find them expensive and tiresome, may see hypnosis as a pleasant alternative to other measures available. Not having to eat cabbage soup for weeks or live on diet milkshakes could be considered beneficial, not to mention more pleasant.



Unfortunately, not all people are susceptible to hypnotherapy. Studies show that roughly fifteen percent of people are resistant to this process. Extroverts are not so likely to succumb to hypnotherapy as submissive people, who are better subjects.



Although a registered hypnotherapy practitioner should certainly provide a safe and secure service, many individuals fear being hypnotized as it leaves them vulnerable. They fear not being in total control of what happens to them.


Length of treatment

Hypnosis is unlikely to be successful unless sufficient sessions are carried out. Not many people obtain instant results when it comes to altering thought patterns and making big lifestyle changes. They need quite a few sessions, and then a follow-up session, to make sure changes are ingrained in their psyche rather than short-lived.



Whether expense should be featured under the heading of pros or cons is debatable, as although hypnotherapy fees can be expensive, compared to a lifetime of fiddly diets and specialist products used for weight loss, they may offer good value for money. However, the money required to pay for hypnotherapy may seem steep if you pay for sessions all in one go.


Of course, an important disadvantage of using hypnotherapy for weight loss is that there is not any scientific proof that it works. Without significant evidence, many people may dismiss it. Nonetheless, positive results have shown that it clearly does help some people lose weight and gain the figure they have longed for. While this may, or may not be put down to the placebo effect, if the right results are obtained a lack of evidence need not stand in your way.




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