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Meal planning teaches how to lose weight fast

 Meal Planning Tips

One of the most important things you can do while watching your weight, is to plan your meals ahead of time. You will avoid being tempted to eat junk food when you are in a hurry, because you will already be armed with healthy choices for the day. Shopping for healthy items and preparing them in advance will save you time, money and pounds in the long run.


Schedule a Day for Planning!

Set aside one day where you focus on planning, shopping and preparing your meals for the week.

  • Organization is key. Put together a binder for your lists and recipes for easy reference.

meal planning for weightloss

  • Create a basic shopping list that you will use repeatedly, that contains the staple items that you consume the most, such as your favorite fruits and vegetables, yogurt, whole grain items, bottled water, etc.
  • Find new recipes online for quick, low calorie meals. Print them out and put in your binder.
  • Plan your menu for the week and list any items you need to prepare the meals


  • Once you have listed and purchased all of your items, prepare as many meals and snacks as you can. Chop up vegetables, for salads, meals and easy snacks, make a big bowl of fruit salad. Carrot and celery sticks, almonds or rice cakes can be put in individual bags for easy grab and go snacks.

  • Many meals can be frozen and eaten later in the week. Soups freeze especially well and there are so many varieties you can switch up your menu often. Precook skinless, boneless chicken breasts with seasoning and you can pull out of the fridge as needed, warm it up and add to your meal.



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