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Natural living is healthy living for your kids

Good long life is a wonderful thing. Watching your own children grow up and bringing your own child into the world is amazing; you see your family growing and your legacy living. In addition to watching them grow, you have the opportunity to help your children participate in healthy living and healthier diets. Being an older person gives you the perfect opportunity to help others eat better because they will hear you better.

So how can you be sure your children are eating healthy food and not becoming a US statistic on childhood obesity? There is no sure path. Taking out the snack packs will only make them want more. Children are the same as adults, and any diet in which we think a food is refused makes us yearn for.

Instead of grabbing the snack pack, consider adding something so delicious to your little ones’ diet. Adding healthy, organic foods will guide you towards healthy living. Here are some not-so-common rules to help your grandson feed himself.

Never skip breakfast. Already!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It’s hard for parents to force a good breakfast on busy mornings, so it’s up to older ones to ensure a healthy breakfast when kids come to visit! People who skip breakfast are more likely to follow fad diets, exercise less, start smoking or drinking, and / or complain about their body weight.

Eating breakfast gives you the energy you need for the day. Breakfast foods also tend to contain fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients that most people don’t get in the right amounts they need. Eating breakfast also stimulates something in our brain that causes us to eat less soda and fries, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and milk.

Of course, there are bad breakfast foods (Reese’s Puffs cereal, donuts, scones, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast at any fast food restaurant, and even bagels with cheese to cream loaded with calories and extra fat), but children who eat breakfast are actually 30% less likely to be overweight or obese.

Snack on purpose

Eating is not bad. In fact, eating healthy snacks between small meals throughout the day is good for your metabolism. When you feed your kids snacks, make sure they have a purpose.

We all know that the occasional cookie is inevitable, but choosing foods at strategic times of the day can keep your child’s metabolic rate high, which gives them good energy.

Some great snack ideas with a purpose include popcorn, unsalted nuts, dark chocolate, and of course, fruits and vegetables. The goal is not to deny them the snacks they want to chew, but to make sure that what they chew is healthy for them.

Beware of portion distortion

Servings have increased dramatically in the United States over the past few decades. Bigger portions mean more calories, and more calories usually mean more fat. However, taking out food and leaving empty space in plates and bowls will make your kids want more. Try to buy smaller bowls, plates, and glasses to make it seem like you are always getting the same amount.

Drink responsibly

Watching what you eat is a basic thing for the elderly, but watching what you drink? A concept not so well known. Even green children tend to resort to Sunny D juices, which contain unnecessary sugars. To avoid this, try the following:

– Always keep a jug of cold, filtered water in the refrigerator

– Store milk in an easily accessible area of the refrigerator and serve as many meals as possible

* Healthy drinking – children learn by example

Eat More Whole Foods

A fantastic mantra in the supermarket is “the shorter the list of ingredients, the healthier the food”. Sodium and saturated fat are staples of processed and packaged foods. Whole foods can taste the same as some normal foods, and if kids can’t see the packaging, they won’t even know the difference! It is not only a good idea for ecological living for children, but also for you. Incorporating organic foods into your diet prevents the entry of unnatural ingredients that are harmful to the body.

Set the table

It sounds strange, but children who live more structured meal times develop better eating habits. With playing soccer, ballet, day trips, going to the school theater, and helping your kids think about Halloween costumes, this idea is more like a dream that died in the mid-90s. .

However, there are ways to add enough structure to impact the nutrition of the green child. Prepare dinner one evening a week; social plans are not allowed! If you live far away, just try to make sure that every time you see your grandchildren include dinner at the table.

Also try to include children in the cooking process. Studies show that children who are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables, giving them goals and allowing them to help prepare, eat healthier diets.

Quit the sugar habit

We’ve all heard this before; High fructose corn syrup is bad for us. No new information there. However, what may be new to most of us is that bread, snacks, ketchup, almost anything we eat contains corn syrup.

The actual intake of some HFCS isn’t bad, the scary thing is that it shows up in everything we eat and therefore adds empty calories to what we eat.

To completely avoid SHTF, the family should stop eating packaged foods altogether. Since families trying to live green eat less packaged foods, cutting them out of a child’s diet altogether is unlikely. Instead, become an avid nutrition label reader and stay away from foods with any form of sugar at the top of the ingredient list.

Other healthy habits

Reduce gas consumption

While it might not be practical to do without a car altogether, it’s important to know how to reduce the amount of fuel used to get from one place to another. Want to reduce? Use public transport more often, cycle to work or the market, and invest in a good pair of sneakers.

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