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Pilate fitness

Many people start to practice the Pilates fitness program because Pilates offers so many benefits. Nowadays, there are many gyms or fitness centers that offer the fitness program. Enrolling in Pilates training classes will be very helpful in improving your overall health or losing weight. In addition, many people follow a Pilates exercise program with the goal of relieving stress or strengthening cardiovascular muscles.


So what is the hype about fitness Pilates and why has it attracted so many fitness and health enthusiasts from all over the world? Certainly, Pilates has its most important benefits for people, especially those who have suffered different forms of injuries. This is because injuries are closely related to muscle abnormalities in the body.


In simple words, Pilate involves correcting muscle imbalances with a variety of fluid movements in the major muscle groups. Thus, the muscles of the abdomen and those close to the spine are directed to give strength and resistance to the whole body.


Common exercises that focus on movements of the extremities, such as the arms and legs, have an increased risk of further injury. This is why Pilates works in the middle and slowly moves to the final track to achieve better control of the joints of the body. It’s like starting from small achievements until the body is built to take on bigger movements with greater confidence. And the good news is that it is suitable for most people of almost all ages.

How they work

Every type of person can benefit from the Pilates fitness program. You can perform Pilates fitness exercises whether you are old, young, sick, pregnant or healthy. In fact, Pilates works through both our body and our mind.

Additionally, Pilates aims to align the spine and pelvis which aid in movement without causing injury. The body shape is also streamlined. The person becomes flexible and feels less pain in certain parts of the body. After many sessions of Pilates exercises, the energy level increases, the resistance increases and the immune system is ready to fight any disease.

When we do Pilates exercises, our muscles tone and stretch. This condition will cause our blood to work normally and normally in our bodily systems. At the right time, this condition can make our muscles firm and stronger.

Pilates fitness equipment

– Pilates Reformer

Helps establish core stability and postural alignment when working peripheral limbs in a range of motion. It has a sophisticated system of springs, belts and pulleys with which more than 100 exercises can be performed. A versatile device contributes to an effective, impact-free stretching and toning workout that respects your joints.

– Resistance Band

It is also known as Flex Band or Thera Band is an elastic latex band. It works to add an element of light resistance to training. It is also used in other fitness disciplines and rehabilitation techniques. It stretches major muscles, improves flexibility, increases joint mobility, and sculpts a strong, streamlined physique. Can be worn from ankle to wrist. It is economical and portable.

– The Cadillac

Over 80 different exercises can be done on this piece of equipment, ranging from soft spring abs to advanced stunts. There is something for everyone. It was originally designed to rehabilitate bedridden patients. It is the raised table top surrounded by a four column frame to which are attached bars, bands, springs and levers. It contains several adjustable parts. It engages the central abdominal muscles, develops flexibility of the spine, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the back and stretches the whole body.



– Pilates drums

They are lightweight and portable. They are a great addition to a treadmill workout or circuit workout. They are excellent rehabilitation tools. This is a curved, padded surface that helps support your back and shoulders and open up your neck, hips, and thighs, depending on use.

– Pilates chair

Also known as Wunda chair or stability chair, it is a versatile exercise machine. The adjustable spring resistance is the key to the challenge with this specialized fitness equipment. The device activates the lumbar region, buttocks, shoulders, crosses the pelvic and abdominal region and increases neuromuscular coordination. It is effective in stretching and rebalancing tense or injured muscles.

– Pilates ball

This is a great innovation for strength training, because the pulse remains stable thanks to the weight concentrated in the hand. It is easier to grip and hold than other weights and is also comfortable. The muscles of the fingers are strengthened at the same time.

– Pilates Circle

You can use the circle while standing, sitting or lying forward, backward or on your side. There are stuffed pillows inside and outside the circle. It helps tone the arms, activate the inner and outer thighs, engage the chest, develop neuromuscular coordination and body-mind connection.

– Spine Support

Supports the spine when performing Pilates exercises. It is also called the C-maker for its half-moon shape and its barrel is inverted. It helps with abdominal, lumbar and pelvic work, while reducing tension in the neck and shoulders. It is effective for injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises, very useful and effective for pregnant women and postpartum students.

– Trapeze, Half Trapeze and Pilates Tours

This combination offers the best choice for integrated spring assisted exercises. It is a versatile device that supports many exercises.

Today there are several renowned manufacturers of Pilates equipment around the world, including Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates and Stott Pilates


Pilates fitness equipment has revolutionized the world of fitness. With modern modifications to the original equipment, they are economical, durable and safer. Fitness equipment has been modernized with the advancement of science over the years and is designed to fit the human body. This equipment combined with targeted breathing patterns has proven to be invaluable not only to the fitness world but is also an important addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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