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coffee sugar scrub recipe

Treat Your Skin with a Coffee Body Scrub!

Treat Your Skin with a Coffee Body Scrubcoffee scrub 


Coffee is not just for drinking anymore! By combining a few simple ingredients, you can pamper your skin with the delightful benefits of coffee.


  • The caffeine in the coffee tightens and smooths the skin, improving the look of cellulite.


  • The skin texture is also improved because this scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells that are on the top layer of skin, exposing a new, fresh layer.


  • Using coconut oil in your body scrubs will increase the softness of your skin and leave it feeling hydrated and healthy.


  • When making your body scrub, you can use a solid or liquid form of coconut oil. If you prefer a fluffier consistency in your scrub, you can whip the solid oil with your hand mixer until it becomes light and airy. Then you can add your other ingredients to it.


  • If you have a problem with acne or blemishes, try adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your scrub. Cinnamon contains antibacterial properties that will help clear the skin.

coffee sugar scrub recipe

  • Turmeric can also be added. Use ½ cup coffee grounds and ½ cup turmeric to experience the anti- aging benefits that turmeric offers. Turmeric will help reduce wrinkles, increase the elasticity of the skin, as well as improving blemishes and hyperpigmentation.


Basic Ingredients:

1 cup coffee grounds

½ cup organic cane sugar

½ cup unrefined coconut oil


Combine together all ingredients, and rub onto clean skin while you are in the shower. Let it stay on the skin for several minutes, then rinse with warm water. You will be able to see and feel a difference in the appearance and texture of your skin immediately.




*About the Author :

Lora C Mercado is a freelance writer and author of numerous cookbooks and books on other topics.


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About Lora Mercado

Lora C Mercado is a freelance writer and author of numerous cookbooks and books on other topics such as grief healing and poetry.

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