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Ways to boost your immune system while on lockdown

It’s pandemic season and now is a great time to begin your plan to improve your immune system to maintain health and spread lockdown cheer instead of dropping virus in the air.

Here’s a safe fire plan to stay cool and virus-free this winter.

Below are steps to make sure your stay-at-home season goes well.

Raw Foods

Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables: Eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your body alkaline and less acidic. This virus do not like this type of environment and make it difficult to maintain it in the body. If you’re not a fan of eating your veggies, try mixing them into a smoothie for a healthy snack.

Avoid all white sugars and processed foods

It’s well known, it’s the lockdown season. If you really want to stay healthy, you must have the power to avoid sweets and junk food while at home. You will feel much better. You will have fewer desires and let’s face it, in the long run your body will thank you. If you splurge, keep it to a minimum.

Drink lots of water

Good old H2O. Try very hard to avoid anything that contains dyes, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners as they suppress the immune system. Try to drink at least 64 ounces per day. It is best to drink up to 100 ounces per day.

Get some sleep

We don’t all get as much rest as we should. Take the time to relax and slow down this stay-at-home season. Try to have an extra hour or two each night, especially if you already have a cold or the flu.

Vitamin D3

We don’t have enough sun and most people are disabled. Research on vitamin D shows great evidence for a natural way to boost your immune system. Many other health benefits make it an essential part of your winter health plan.

Avoid stress

Stress will have a big effect on your health. Then try to release stress in the best possible way. Try to stay away from stressful situations or try different pain relievers, such as walking, listening to music, laughing, and / or adopting a hobby.

Watch out for toxins

Toxins like smoking and / or drug abuse are very harmful to your body and overall health. Try to stay away from those environments or which may contain these toxins. Even second-hand smoke can affect the well-being of your body.


Change your clothes

Try to wear the house costume when you get home, if you have nowhere to go. Their clothes have been exposed to the outside environment which can carry germs and bacteria. If you’ve had a long day and are tired and don’t have the energy to change your clothes right now, try lying on the sofa for a second rather than in your bed.

House clean

Try to keep your house as clean as possible. Try to clean and dust regularly. If dust accumulates in your home, you breathe, which can affect your health and your immune system.




Liquid echinacea

We have long known that the herb Echinacea helps prevent and fight cold and flu symptoms, especially respiratory infections. The liquid form is potent and should be taken at the first sign of symptoms.

Garlic or garlic oil

Garlic and garlic oil are a great way to protect yourself and your children’s ears from infections this winter. You can even cut fresh garlic cloves and eat them raw or in recipes.

Drink a lot plenty of water

This tip is very important because the body needs the right amount of water to function properly. Water also releases toxins and impurities present in our body.


Lysine not only gets rid of cold sores, it also works in sore throats. If you have a sore throat, it’s time to take lysine. You can get it as a liquid or a tablet.

Vitamin C

Everyone is familiar with vitamin C. It is also found in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Avoid fruit juices for vitamin C. Fruit juices are high in added refined sugars.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands more often can help reduce bacteria and germs. In particular, you should make sure that your hands are on the clan before you eat or touch anything that might come into your body. If possible, try to keep hand sanitizer on hand; there are many germs and surfaces everywhere in everyday life.


Move your body. This is what we are designed for. Exercise is great for healthy living, feels amazing, and helps the lymphatic system to drain all unwanted waste from our body.


We all need a healthy gut. With all the processed foods and antibiotics, it’s hard to keep one. One of the absolute best ways to boost your immune system is to keep your gut healthy with good bacteria. You can find a good probiotic in capsules or pills.

Be adjusted

The immune system and the nervous system are connected to work together to create optimal physical responses in the body. Chiropractors work to find areas of compression of spinal dysfunction or irritation of the neural pathways. Adjustments to the spine reduce stress on the nervous system, allowing normal physical responses that include immune system function.

Adverse weather conditions

If you have to deal with aggressive elements, take precautions. If you face extreme weather conditions, like during the cold winter months, gather together and make sure it is well covered and warm.

Also make sure your chest is well covered, otherwise this is the best way to catch a cold. If you suffer from high summer heat, stay hydrated and have plenty of fluids in your body to help eliminate the risk of dehydration.

Here’s a look at several ways to boost your immune system this season.

Remember that even small changes can have a big impact. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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