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Yoga Clothing Tips

Yoga poses will put the body in some pretty interesting positions. To be able to focus on your breathing and being in the moment while doing yoga, the last thing you want to worry about it what you are wearing.

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your yoga sessions when it comes to wardrobe comfort and practicality:


Baggy t-shirts, shorts or pants will slip down when doing certain poses such as Downward Dog.

The best choice is to wear fitted tops that hug your body and that are not too low cut. Cropped or full length yoga pants are snug and are also very comfortable.


Since your body will be bending into many different positions, shorts that are too short will ride up and be uncomfortable. They will also tend to expose more than you want to show to your yoga class, so stick to longer, yoga crop leggings.


Bamboo is considered a man made fiber because this natural material can be broken down with chemicals and made into fabric. Bamboo is an amazing material used to make a variety of yoga apparel. It is very soft, breathable, lightweight and also has antibacterial properties so that it resists odor. Cotton is a great alternative, but tends to feel heavy after the body starts to perspire and it gets wet.


To keep your body at a comfortable temperature, dress in layers for the yoga studio. Incorporate a lightweight, form fitting jacket for the beginning of your session. This can easily be removed once you start working up a sweat, and you won’t get too hot.


Wearing socks during yoga could make your feet slip while doing a pose. Being barefoot will help you feel more centered and less restricted.

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